Thursday, August 13, 2015

10 things to think about when starting online business and make profit

Hello, Are you looking for help starting a new online business?

1:I have been in the industry for 8+ years now and I can assist you in setting up your new website / URL, incorporating your business, opening a merchant account foreign / domestic, and pushing website traffic, and out of that traffic increasing your conversion into sales!

2:Lets be honest we all want to make lots of money, build a secure future, and stay ahead of the curve, but in today economy we are all faced with a laundry list of roadblocks, trials and tribulations.
Its not always easy to jump over these hurdles unless you have done it before and know how to get through the tough situation of building up your business in the correct way that you will be able to continue long term sales.

3: Choosing a business plan you can both have industry knowledge in and support lunching the business and the long term consistency of increasing business revenue!
Using correct graphic design to impress and increase your sales/conversion.

4: Reliable domain registration and website hosting, where are the servers whats there average page load time frame, can they handle if you get a huge traffic push to your website?

5:Incorporating your business, will you choose a sole proprietorship with a DBA filing, Limited liability corporation, starting an Incorporation .
What state will you filing your business in or what country?
What business licensing may be required, pertaining to the business type your opening?
Taxation on these corp types?

6: Accepting payments for your business or services. Opening merchant service account there are so many providers in today's global economy will it be in USA, Europe, Asia, elsewhere?
What kind of payments will you be accepting?
What gateway will you be using?
What shopping cart will you be using?

7: How will you process orders, send products?
Will you use a drop shipper or ship your own products?
For intangible goods how will you ensure quality assurance?

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