Tuesday, September 22, 2015

how write effective cold email generate business

Email marketing yields an average4,300% return on investment for businesses in the United States. (Direct Marketing Association) For every $1 spent on email marketing, the average return on investment is $44.25. (ExactTarget) 95%of those who opt into email messages from brands find these messages somewhat or very useful. (Salesforce) 64% of decision makers read emails via mobile device. (EmailExpert) Using marketing automation can increase conversion rates by over 50%. (Aberdeen Group) Small business owners estimate that getting an extra hour in their day back from doing their own email marketing (and other activities) is worth$273/hour. (Constant Contact) 57% of email subscribers spend 10-60 minutes browsing marketing emails during the week. (ChoozOn) One survey found that 90% of business people use email as much, or more than they did last year. (Osterman Research) Why Email? Think about it this way, in your business, how many people were a one and done customer, meaning they bought from you and you never saw them again? Forget about the one and done customer, how many people showed some interest or were face to face with you, but you never saw them again? How many emails did you not retrieve? And how many sales have been potentially lost? Now look at the stats above again! I don’t really think you understand what you are missing if you don’t start emailing. Let’s use an example of how effective email could be over the long term. Let’s say you make 30 cold calls a day and/or come into direct or indirect contact with 5 potential customers, and you grab their email. Let’s say you do this 5 days a week. What you would do on the phone is use your normal approach to set an appointment but you would just add this line at the end: “Ok, do you mind if I grab your email just so I can send you some great educational content?” When I use this, I rarely get a negative reaction, most people are completely open if you really mean that you are going to send great content. So, in the example, grabbing 5 emails a day, you would have 25 emails a week. You would have 100 emails a month and 1200 emails a year. That is just one method to gain emails but let’s delve a little deeper into the potential ROI. With email list, I am getting about a 3% click through rate which means I definitely need to improve. The stats below from constant contact, show what the average click through rates for some industries are: Business Type Open Rate Bounces Rate Clicks (Click-Through Rate) Opt-out Rate Accommodations (ex. hotel, inn, B&B, campgrounds) 21.96% 8.94% 7.50% 0.28% Accountant 17.09% 6.82% 7.09% 0.13% Animal Services 26.65% 9.78% 10.50% 0.49% Art, Culture, Entertainment (ex. galleries, museums, musicians, theatre, film, crafts) 27.44% 9.02% 8.56% 0.15% Automotive Services 26.96% 7.97% 13.32% 0.43% Child Care Services 40.25% 8.80% 9.67% 0.32% Civic/Social Membership (ex. associations, chambers, clubs) 10.85% 2.71% 6.05% 0.03% Consultant, Training (ex. marketing, management) 17.96% 11.11% 6.73% 0.13% Education - Primary/Secondary (ex. elementary, middle, and high schools) 32.87% 9.00% 8.57% 0.19% Education - Higher Education (ex. colleges, universities, trade schools) 23.85% 7.65% 8.63% 0.13% Financial Advisor 20.29% 13.42% 9.88% 0.15% Fitness Center, Sports, Recreation (ex. yoga studio, bowling alley, gym) 24.92% 9.38% 7.57% 0.20% Fitness/Nutritional Services (ex. personal trainer, wellness coach) 12.73% 4.35% 12.06% 0.24% Government Agency or Services 32.96% 9.00% 8.23% 0.12% Health & Social Services (ex. hospital, elder care, adoption services) 29.80% 9.75% 7.85% 0.26% Health Professional (ex. physician, dentist, chiropractor) 24.51% 9.65% 7.33% 0.25% Home & Building Services (ex. construction, HVAC, landscaping, design) 28.45% 14.64% 7.03% 0.62% Insurance 6.95% 3.54% 9.25% 0.14% Legal Services 28.24% 11.47% 7.35% 0.19% Manufacturing and Distribution 22.82% 11.80% 8.49% 0.20% Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations 15.15% 9.11% 6.92% 0.10% Other 16.68% 7.00% 7.58% 0.10% Other - Non-profit 30.88% 10.19% 7.97% 0.14% Personal Services (ex. dry cleaning, photography, housekeeping) 15.63% 5.20% 6.85% 0.19% Professional Services 20.32% 9.14% 8.22% 0.21% Publishing 21.67% 7.82% 12.61% 0.07% Real Estate 25.37% 14.18% 6.33% 0.16% Religious Organization 38.70% 8.36% 6.92% 0.09% Restaurant, Bar, Cafe, Caterer 20.53% 9.56% 4.08% 0.18% Retail (ex. brick and mortar and online) 18.18% 6.91% 8.70% 0.13% Salon, Spa, Barber (ex. nails, tanning) 22.01% 14.43% 4.04% 0.27% Technology (ex. web developer) 15.61% 12.60% 6.34% 0.15% Transportation 22.62% 10.95% 12.62% 0.16% Travel and Tourism (ex. limo driver, tour guide, reservations) 20.79% 9.51% 7.75% 0.14% Unknown 17.96% 7.32% 7.28% 0.13% Potential Results of the Example Let’s just say, that after a year, your click through rate will be at about 6% with some improvements. That means, after a year, you will consistently have about 72 people open your email every week if you send a legitimate email. What’s really great about having that many people open your emails is that you can call all of them. There is a way to do so. Let’s be pretty conservative, let’s say you only get 5% of people that open your email who are potentially interested in your services. That’s 3.6 potential clients every week from a 1200 people email list. That is pretty powerful. Now imagine if you had a 50,000 people contact list. You would have to hire sales reps just to take care of the leads. This is extremely realistic and doable. My Results When I sent an email to my list of 1800, I got people who were interested in talking to me about my services. To date, with 2 emails that I have sent out to my entire list, I have generated about 6 potential clients. These are clients that WERE COMPLETELY COLD. They were people that opted into my email list via a verbal agreement through cold calls or from my linked in connections. I got 2 inbound calls and generated about 4 interested clients by making calls to the people that opened my emails. That’s pretty exciting, considering that 90% of the emails were from my linkedin connections. Great to think about right? Right now I use Aweber to send out my emails. There is a way to see who opens your email and once you see who opens it, you should do a little digging to gather the recipients contact info. If you can’t find their phone number, just message them through social media or send a private email. Here are some of my email results with a 3.3% click through rate. Normally you can find them through linked in or facebook if you always gather their first and last name in the beginning. Check out what my Aweber screen looks like and the ability for me to see who has clicked the link in my emails. Keep in mind, I blotted out the emails for privacy. When I click on the email, this shows up with all the people who opened. I errased the actual emails for my clients privacy. So let’s go over the steps to start getting leads and start emailing people on your list. Step 1 Get an email autoresponder. Something like Aweber. Step 2 Gather email addresses from all your warm and cold calls by using the line I mentioned above. Step 3 Upload all your linkedin connections. I actually mentioned how to do this towards the bottom of my article here: Step 4 Something I didn’t mention above is to start using social media channels to start generating emails. What you have to understand is that each social media channel has to be used differently. If you have a consumer product, you’d probably do best with facebook, Instagram, pinterest. If you have a business to business product, you’d probably do better on linkedin and twitter. I’ll perhaps go more in depth in another article on this, but for now let’s keep this section short. Step 5 Find good content that your target market will want to read and sent it to your list. Don’t be salesy! There are ways to find good content for your potential client. Here are a few below Do a survey with your current customers Go to and see the most shared articles on the web are. Type in a keyword and see the results! Type in a keyword into Google and after the keyword type FAQ for Frequently Asked Questions. You’ll get ideas on how to find the right content to write about. Step 6 Start calling the people who open your emails. In Conclusion You can and will generate leads and sales if you implement these steps. If you don’t believe the statistics, at least believe my own results with just my linked in contacts. Just don’t forget to write really great, high quality content and then don’t forget to follow up. Remember, it’s all about the follow up.