Monday, December 14, 2015

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How to post an i frame video in your site / blog etc

Also keep in mind: for security reasons, the iFrame tag disappears in WordPress when switching from Visual Mode to HTML mode, or vice-versa. It can get very frustrating if you don’t know why this is happening. You may even publish a post only to find out that your video was never included. You might think it is a bug or an issue with your WordPress installation, but it is not. But don’t worry, we have a way for you to use iFrames for Videos in WordPress without a hassle. One way is to remove the visual editor in WordPress, and you would never have to worry about the iFrames disappearing. However by doing so, you will lose the ability to use the internal linking feature that was added in WordPress 3.1. So this is not that good of an option. Obviously insert your video embed code here src=between the "" And I added a space you need to remove in the beginning and end so you could see the code below\/